87. Auction - 26./27. May 2017

8.e-live Auction - 14./15. June 2017

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you want to sell your entire collection or single items directly? We take time over your questions and requests.

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Münzen Ausstellung Liepziger Münzhandlung

Upcoming Events

  • 7. e-live - 8./9. February 2017
  • 87. Auction - 26./27. May 2017
  • 88. Auction - 27./28. October 2017



Hammer auf einem Buch mit Münzen


“Going, going, gone – sold to the gentleman at the back!” That’s the soundtrack to our auctions held twice a year at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Leipzig, where 4,000 lots are sold to the highest bidder over three days. We find the atmosphere, the opportunity to mingle with our customers, and the chance to realize record prices truly inspirational. Come and join our auctioneering family!

Familie Höhn Leipzig

The Höhn family

This family business now in its second generation was founded by Mrs Heidrun Höhn in 1990. These days, there are ten specialists from the worlds of numismatics, business and history working at this prestigious auction house. Being the market leader in eastern Germany, we take probity, expertise and customer satisfaction extremely seriously.

Innenansicht Leipziger Münzhandlung

Sell it right

Thinking of parting with your collection or inheritance?
We’ll be delighted to advise you regarding sale for cash or consignment to one of our upcoming auctions.

8. e-live Auktion

8. e-live Auktion

14. Juni ab 18.00 Uhr - Los 4000-4534
15. Juni ab 18.00 Uhr Los 4535-5117

14. Juni: Aktien und Historische Wertpapiere, Notmünzen, Orden und Ehrenzeichen, Thematische Medaillen und Plaketten, DDR, BRD, Antike, Ausländische Münzen und Medaillen, Böhmen, Habsburg
15. Juni: Mittelalter, Deutsche Münzen und Medaillen, Reichsgold und Kaiserreich, Weimarer Republik, Drittes Reich

87. Saalauktion

87. Saalauktion

26. Mai ab 10.30 Uhr - Los 1 - 1298
27. Mai ab 10.00 Uhr - Los 1299 - 2876